Free Online Masterclass
The 3 Step Live Pain-Free Masterclass
A revolutionary way to get rid of low back pain and lead a pain-free, healthy and motion-rich life…..without expensive pills, back support or uncertain surgery
This Free Online Masterclass
is presented By Susanne Jager, Founder of The Natural Pain Relief Clinic™
In this 40 min Masterclass I will reveal:
  • The #1 CAUSE why many people are suffering from low back pain and the surprising long-term answer.
  • The #1 proven PAIN RELIEF GADGET to reduce pain and inflammation instantly.  
  • ​5 MISTAKES people make trying to find a sustainable solution to low back pain and how a                simple lifestyle change can save them $1,000s in therapies and surgery costs.
  • ​The simple 3-Step system my clients are using to go from living in pain and exhausted
             to massively reduced pain and energised in a few short weeks.
  • ​How TONY ROBBINS and Jack Nicklaus conquered their pain using only 1 of these methods. 
  • ​And finally the one thing that separates my successful clients from those who remain
            in pain and get stuck at a plateau.
  • ​......and ​lots more including a free back pain-relief exercise!
About Your Host:

My name is Susanne Jager and I am the founder of The Natural Pain Relief Clinic and have helped 100s of clients overcome back pain. Having had my own share of pain issues, I have learnt to acknowledge the uniqueness of each person and carefully lead my clients through their health journey whilst inspiring and educating them with the knowledge they need to achieve and maintain their optimal physical wellbeing levels. 

I run online programmes and world-wide retreats for people suffering from back pain so they can lead a pain-free, healthy and motion-rich life.  

Some of my favourite things include: adventure holidays with my son, scuba diving, going to the gym & spa, cycling, Salsa dancing, watching movies and I love a good curry.  One of my most memorable moments is when I dived with sharks at night at the Great Barrier Reef. 
This is for men and women, who are tired of suffering from low back pain and who want a sustainable natural solution without expensive pills, back support or uncertain surgery.
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